About Venuezi

The Venuezi team continues to grow as we set about transforming the functions and events space. The major shareholders in Venuezi are seasoned hospitality operators who have a desire to "improve the way business is done".

Venuezi is about providing a platform where everyone is comfortable listing their functions and events for venues to quote on them, knowing that you will get quotes from venues that you did not even consider and that the quotes will be competitively priced with some innovative offers to wow your guests.

The Venuezi site brings together the best experience from professional function organisers who organise functions every day and from some of the best functions teams in Australia. Another feature of the Venuezi culture is our ongoing commitment to 'continual improvement' to the site and the way we do business. Everyone in the Company has to spend at least twenty percent (20%) of their time on submitting improvements for the site so that our Members and Partners continue to see improvements which they can take advantage of and enjoy better functions and have a more profitable business.

Our team is about 'transforming' the way the functions and events industry works and creating a 'Win/Win' for both the consumer and the venue.

Not only does this site make booking a function or event virtually effortless for a Member, it also gives Members a whole lot of tips for booking their functions and it maintains a record of all of your past function details.

From a Venues point of view the site provides a wide range of back of house features that enable them to run their business better.

The Team

Anesan Naidoo - Director (Founder)

Specialising in the Hospitality Industry and Family businesses, Anesan has carved out a niche in coaching some of the biggest hospitality organisations in Australia to reach and exceed their potential. Working with organisations like the Bavarian Hospitality Group and Panthers Entertainment Group just to name a few, he has helped develop and implement their strategic & operational plans over the last couple of years - so he knows what works and what doesn't in making these and other organisations successful.

Anesan works around a very simple principle learnt early in his career - "A business is a shortcut to an outcome" - which essentially means make your business the easiest for Customers to get what they need & want and they will continue to be loyal customers and advocates. Venuezi.com is the embodiment of that simple principle and is what excites him in bringing this innovative online business tool to the Hospitality Industry.

Anesan is proud to be working alongside his brother Rak Naidoo in bringing to market a 'game changer' for the Hospitality Industry. For him Venuezi.com is the missing link for many of the hospitality businesses he has worked with because its simple, cost effective and most importantly it gives the business owner and their team more time to spend with their Customers.

Rak Naidoo - Director (Founder)

Rak Naidoo with over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry, has worked with award wining hotel venues as well as being involved in some of Australia's largest events. He has also been instrumental in developing and building his family hotel empire.

Rak has managed some of Australia's largest venues including the Mean Fiddler Hotel in Sydney and Chalk Hotel in Brisbane, he has won numerous awards along the way and has achieved the Best Marketed Hotel in Australia at two iconic venues over the years.

Networking and Relationship building has been the keys to his success. During the last global financial crisis while running a large venue it became clear to Rak that there had to be a better way to being proactive in getting customers to the venue, this was the catalyst for the ideas behind Venuezi.com. The last two years he has dedicated his career to bringing this concept to reality with the help of Jason Titman and Anesan Naidoo, we are now in a position to make Venuezi a reality and revolutionize the hospitality industry.

Luke D'Alessandro - Technology (Founder)

Luke was introduced to computers at a young age, thanks to his parent's and the use of technology in their business. Over the years Luke has developed his skills in programming and graphic design. Graduating with a Bachelor of IT from Bond University, he entered the workforce as a Web Developer and worked his way to the role of Systems Developer. It was at this point Luke decided his skills were better utilised in the Web Startup industry.

Luke enjoys finding solutions to integrate current industry practices with technology, as well as looking for innovative ways using current and future technologies to integrate with an industry. It is these qualities that found him working with hospitality professionals to create a new way of discovering venues for any function or event.

Sonia Mahe

Sonia Mahe has over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality Industry, working for some of the largest and most recognizable hotel chains, including Accor and Hilton. Specialising in Conferences and Events, she has an expansive knowledge of the industry, working for prestigious member based venues like the Tattersall’s Club as well as other well-known and smaller boutiques venues. Sonia has had the opportunity to be involved in and a part of many high profile events including globally known companies and personalities, various associations, charities, weddings, product launches and corporate and specialty events. With a great knowledge and passion for the Hospitality Industry, Sonia sees Venuezi as a revolutionary concept for the industry, which is sure to set a trend and change the way people book their events.

"Simplifying the booking of events, gaining more exposure for venues and a fresh approach to marketing strategies is definitely beneficial for all types of venues and the Hospitality industry as a whole"