Q: What does a venue's quote look like when I respond to an enquiry?
A: Your full quote will display your contact details, pictures and all details of the quote.
Click here to see an example.
Q: How is the site performing?
A: From our soft launch to family and friends on Tuesday 11 October, in our first week Venuezi recorded 35 function/event enquiries totalling over $110,000 in function revenue. Now we have had over $3 MILLION dollars worth of qualified function enquiries, from Weddings all the way to Corporate Functions and Birthday Parties. Click here to see a breakdown of current enquiries ready to be quoted on now. Would you like to start quoting on these now now?

Signup now for free or contact one of our BDMs on partners@venuezi.com or 1300 VENUEZI.
Q: What venues have signed up?
A: You can browse venues to see the complete list of Venues who have partnered with Venuezi.
Q: What marketing are you doing to ensure traffic to Venuezi?
A: The marketing is being conducted in stages as the website develops. Below is an overview of the marketing tools and resources that will be used:
  • Databasing
  • Groups and Organisations
  • Target Directories (PRIA, AIPA, WPIA, etc)
  • Blogging
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Tradtional Advertising (Radio, TV)
  • Internet Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO, SEM)
  • Online Groups (Meetup, Dating Sites, etc)
  • Print Media (Flyers, Mailouts, Business Cards, Banners, Posters)
  • Famils (PAs, Social Committees, Charities, Sporting Bodies)
  • Industry Directories and Trade Shows (Wedding Expo, Bar Show, Student Association, etc)
  • Public Relations and Editorials
  • Sponsership (Sporting Clubs, Schools, etc)
  • and Associate Memberships (QHA, RCA, Chamber of Commerce, etc)
Feel free to contact a BDM or Sales team on 1300 VENUEZI for more marketing information
Q: What else can your site do besides function and events?
A: Aswell as function and event leads you can send quotes too, you can also setup a profile page of your venue. On this page you may add your function rooms, gallery photos, post upcoming events, advertise your acomodation rates or even a food and beverage deal. You can also attach any marketing collateral to the quotes you send out which is an indirect database to your existing database.
Q: Who gets to see the enquiries listed on Venuezi?
A: Venues that are located in the enquiry's desired function location, these locations will condense as more venues come on board.
Q: Are my business details safe?
A: Your business details are protected by Venuezi.
Q: Is there a limit to how many quotes I can make per day?
A: No, your venue can quote on as many enquiries it wishes. There are also weekly hints your venue can use to help with your quoting on many of the different enquiries.
Q: What if I don't get a response to any of my quotes?
A: If this does happen after a lengthy period of time please send an email query to our help desk and we can investigate the reasons why.
Q: Can my venue be contacted directly?
A: Yes, members can contact your venue directly by using your profile page on the Venuezi site.
Q: Is the booking confirmed on your site?
A: No, if you are accepted to contact the member, your venue is then able to ensure that the quote that was posted is confirmed by contacting the member either by phone, fax, email, site visit or by person. (The venues standard bookings confirmation process is still required).
Q: How do I pay for access to the site?
A: Completing the partner form will require payment method and details to get you started and towards the end of every month you will receive an invoice.
Q: Do members have a ratings system?
A: Yes, every time a member uses our site and especially when the member "accepts" a quote or requests to be "contacted" the member's ratings will increase.