The Lions@Springwood social club is now in its 11th month of trade since opening its doors on the 22nd of November 2010. The club has become an overnight success with over 72000 members already signed up. It encompasses all facets of a licenced venue with a number of highlights including a "sky ceiling" and over 100 TV's for the clubs members and its guests to enjoy.

Although the club has been a great success we are always endeavouring to enhance our business and we see our functions area playing an important part of the clubs further success going forward. We see all areas of our venue excluding our gaming room as playing an important role in this. Be it for a punters club day out, a bucks party, a 21st, an 18th, or a wedding or any other function we feel that our venue is a perfect fit.

Venuezi is an innovative and interactive way for us to highlight our venue. We envisage that the way forward and having someone shop for our venue online as a positive way to keep our venue at the fore front of our industry and the clubs future success.

It was a "no brainer" for us to sign up to Venuezi once we saw its potential.

Paul McGuire
General Manager

Dinner party for 8

Went really smoothly, great venue.. Would never have known about without venuezi! Already booking my next dinner ;)

Aaron Lay
Monster Energy Australia